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Steven Staine Fernández is a Latino Actor. He has had a versatile acting career, portraying characters that range from heroes to villains. Known for main and supporting roles in award winning short films that have been part of Film Festivals, such as his role as Nathan Court in Triangle Below Canal, as well as his role as Detective Ray Hernandez in the film Not Guilty.

Training with Acting Coach John Pallotta for over a year allowed him to sharpen up his skills as well as create new ones, learning how to out stand among others by putting all efforts towards what matters, the small details. Expanded his writing knowledge by taking all 3 levels of Sketch Writing at People Improves Theater where many current well known comedians have had their humble beginnings.

His most recent work was playing hitman Eddie Hernandez in the Action/Drama Web Series Johnny's Bar and playing Jimmy Diaz in the upcoming feature film The Burden Of Nine Lives.

His Dominican roots allowed him to have a full dominion of Spanish on top of his fluent English. Passionate about fitness and healthy lifestyle, Steven has gone from practicing Karate for 5 years, to enjoying the journey of living life on the riskier side as a Boy Scout, to playing almost all the sports on the list, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, and more, all the way to participating in Obstacle Races. Still continues to show his love for Martial Arts by practicing it on his own. Along those same lines, one of his biggest passions involve weight lifting as well as body weight exercise. Musically talented he sings and self-taught how to play guitar.

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